About Us



All shirts are printed in USA.

We have a shop located in Asheville, NC.  We are in the heart of the smokey mountains, and we love the mountains.  We find it the perfect place to have started our shirt company. 


We have clean and fun designs.

We work hard to produce clean and fun designs for all ages.   We don't want a website you have to protect the little ones from looking at. 


We work hard.

We work hard to complete what we have set out to do, whether in designing, printing, pressing, shipping, or anything else we have a firm foundation in hard work. 


We are family oriented.

We feel as if family is one of the most important things in life.  So we have kept our company as much as possible a family oriented company that strives to promote the family. 

a few words about us

We are a small tshirt shop that has its roots in Asheville NC.  The shop was started to provide clean fun designs on shirts for all people to wear.  We have a very talented staff that works hard at producing designs on shirts that people want to wear.  We strive to keep newest designs in play, so that we keep people coming back to buy our shirts.  We are not perfect and we will be the first to admit that, but we strive to produce great products. Please help us in growing our business!  Thank you for visiting and we hope you like our products!